• Windsor Deli

    Windsor Deli is a premium coffee shop located in South Yarra. Morris Eggleston was engaged to redesign the Windsor Deli menus.

  • Monash Health Aboriginal Healing Garden

    Morris Eggleston contributed design work on a pro-bono basis to the Monash Health Aboriginal Healing Garden. This work included both web graphics, social media integration, and print work for Close the Gap day.

    Morris Eggleston was a member of the Design Think Tank tasked with creating the space.

  • Jeremy Oliver

    Jeremy Oliver is one of Australia's foremost wine writers and presenters, and the most influential wine presence throughout Asia.

    Morris Eggleston designed and implemented Jeremy Olivers new website including his webstore and members subscription areas.

  • Transfer Bridge

    Transfer Bridge is a global payments hub. Transfer Bridge acts as a hub between businesses transfering value internationally.

    Morris Eggleston worked with Transfer Bridge in the development of their brand and website.

  • Melbourne Auto Door Service

    Melbourne Auto Door Service is an automatic and manual door specialist, capable of performing servicing and maintenance, diagnostics, and new door installations

    Morris Eggleston developed the MADS website and marketing material.

  • Moonlight Market

    Moonlight Market is an up and coming webstore specialising in oriental wares from Morocco, Thailand and India.

    Morris Eggleston worked closely with Moonlight Market on the development of their branding, splashpage and webstore.

  • Tipod

    Morris Eggleston assisted in the development and implementation of the Tipod webstore.

  • Novatti | Innovation For Payments

    Novatti is a software technology and systems integration provider to Telecom operators and Payment Solution service providers.

    Morris Eggleston designed and implemented Novattis new website as well as working with Novatti to develop web and printed marketing material.

  • Flexewallet | eWallet Solutions

    Flexewallet provides eWallet solutions for the remittance of funds and other payment processes such as paying for bills.

    Morris Eggleston implemented a full branding excersize for Flexewallet including the development of a website.

  • Church On Napier

    Church On Napier is a Church redevelopment project taking place in Napier Street, Fitzroy.

    Morris Eggleston was tasked with the design and development of a community information portal, and is assisting in developing marketing material for the project.

  • Original Thai Cooking

    Original Thai Cooking is a takeaway thai cooking restaurant and thai cooking class in Cheltenham, Melbourne.

    Morris Eggleston developed the new Original Thai Cooking website.

  • SereniTEA

    SereniTEA is a creator of organic and fair trade approved premium teas.

    Morris Eggleston has developed SereniTEA's new content based website.

  • Vital Sync

    Vital Sync is a product of Vital Software targeted at car dealerships to manage contact between dealers and manufacturers.

    Morris Eggleston developed the Vital Sync brand and website for Vital Software Pty Ltd.

  • Halcyon Corporate

    Halcyon Corporate is a boutique corporate and capital markets advisory firm that specialises in the area of small to mid-cap companies.

    Morris Eggleston assisted in the design and development of a splash page for Halcyon.

  • 50mm Studios

    50mm Studios

  • Elgin Lane Studio

    Elgin Lane Studio is a company behind the Elgin Lane Fair, a fundraiser run in December 2012 by Sarah Naarden to raise money for the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute.

    The fundraiser raised over $15,000 for the charity. Morris Eggleston engaged in designing a brand for the company and designing promotional material for the event.